The 12th City (3rd Tunstall ) Scout Group was started in August 1910 by Father Brown. It soon expanded into a large group, which during the next twenty years was able to support the formation of the 81st City Troop at St, Aiden’s and the 59th City Troop at Newchapel. The firstScoutmasters to record were Mr Len Horne, Mr F W Pitt, Mr W E Simms, Mr W McCormack.

The next record of Scouters in the 1920’s – Mr Bass, Mr Brundrett, Mr Overton, Mr Peace and Mr W Hoadby. In 1927 Mr Walter Hodby took over as Group Scout Master and Rover Leader. In those days the Scout Headquarters was King Street Institute in King Street. The Scout Master was Mr Reginald Dale. Fund raising in those days was Morris Dancing and Shadow Graphs which were held at the Institute.

The first King’s Scout Award in Tunstall District was Mr H Heath, a member of the Scout Group in early 1900’s.

In the early 1930’s the Scout Group at Kidsgrove found itself in some difficulties. Mr Hoadby and five scouts from our Scout Group leant their services. Having succeeding keeping Kidsgrove afloat the Group has flourished to this day. In the later 1930’s Mr Hodby became District Commissioner. The post of Group Scout Master was taken by Mr H Heath. Mr Heath successfully held  the post until 1950. From the early 1950’s up to 1974 Mr William Bannister held the post of Group Scout Master. During Mr Bannister’s reign there were such noted and respected leaders as :- Mr Arthur Rycroft, Mr Fred Hall, Mr Malcolm Blaze, Mr Clive Hollinshead, Mr Ray Jervis, Mr John Morris, Mr K Hodby, Mrs May Peach, Mr Roy Peach and Mr Harry Hassall. In 1974 Mr John Morris was handed the reigns as Group Scout Master. John continued in this capacity as well as Cub Scout Leader up on his retirement from active scouting in October 1986. Mr John Kendall took over as Group Scout Leader.

In 1971 the Group moved Headquarters from Madison Street to Jacqueline St.

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