A Note from Our Chairman – Michael Bath at Goldenhill and Tunstall Scout Group

Hello, here at Walton Scout House we encourage children to challenge themselves with fun games and scout work to achieve a wide range of badges, learning to be part of a team which is important, cooking skills taking care of themselves their equipment and belongings and many more life skills. Making them realise that they can achieve lots of things by themselves. Helping others who are younger than them. As they move up through the sections in Cubs become a sixer, moving into Scouts they could work their way through to become a patrol leader.

But all of this can only be gained providing they follow guidance from the leaders who are there to help and support them on their way throughout their scouting journey. All leaders are vetted by the Scout Association and have DBS checks before becoming a leader.
As with all volunteer groups we at Goldenhill Scouts are know different and always in need of more leaders and helpers all parents are welcome to come along and test the waters before taking the plunge and becoming a leader. If you think it’s for you please contact any leader.

If helping out in the sections is not for you then why not become an exec committee member to make sure your children and the group are being run correctly, your money in the way of your children’s subs are spent in ways that benefit all the children. We do need more parents to get involved we are in need of a fund raising committee if your feel you can help out and have any ideas as to how we can raise money please tell us about it your help is always needed.

Within Walton Scout House we have a great deal of equipment for the children to enjoy, all run by leaders who are trained for each activity, this maybe something you would like to take part in, if so come along and find out how.

By joining the group in a way that suits you you will see your child and others develop and grow into responsible adults, that can get on in life with skills gained from the Scouting movement all of which look good on resum’e.

Scouting isn’t for everyone we know but for those children who are involved in Scouting will find it helps them in ways they never thought of. There again it’s down to the leaders and parents who put the work in with the children to help them understand that most problems in life can be resolved and not be frightened to push forward in whatever they do. They could even become leaders themselves.

I first got involved with Goldenhill Scouts many years ago, even more years earlier I was in Kidsgrove Scouts. My son joined Goldenhill Cubs he then went on to the Scouts from time to time I did move equipment around for them. It was after an AGM I went along to a Scout meeting I was introduced to the lads, be nice to him, he has a van for transporting equipment that was 1998, in 1999 I was invested as an assistant Scout Leader. I did enjoy every minute within the group made some great friends within the Scouting movement. I left some years later due to work commitments. But still kept in touch with the group through friends I’d made. In 2010 I think it was my name was put forward to become a member of the exec now I’m the chairperson. Michael Bath.